Are you interested in beauty and fashion? Because if you are, this one is especially for you! Everyone keeps saying that in these digital times it’s been very easy to become a celebrity via all of these social networking websites but which is barely discussed is that so much of hard work goes into making content that the vloggers upload on these social networking websites.

YouTube has been a beautiful place where information, cultures, skills etc. reach from one person to another.  It is a platform that has become bread and butter for so many content creators around the world. These people have started form zero and now they are earning in millions. The most important bit is that the opportunity is the same for everybody!

Beauty and fashion is a domain in which every other person is very interested. The people we will talk about today took their skills, started from nothing, showcased their skills to the world and now they are the biggest internet celebrities in the world! Let’s talk about some of the most famous YouTubers in the world according to their subscriber-count, let’s see how much do they earn and when did they start doing YouTube etc. Let’s get started!

  • Rachel Claire Levin

Rachel Claire Levin also known by her professional name Rachel Levin is an American beauty Youtuber. 25-years old Pennsylvania based youtuber runs a YouTube channel called RCLbeauty 101. This beauty YouTube channel has about 14.6 million subscribers. She started uploading videos on her channel in 2015. Rachel earns $2.2 million per year from her YouTube channel.

  • Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch beauty guru on YouTube. She has a YouTube channel named Nikkie Tutorials with 13.7 million subscribers. Nikkie earns $1.6 million a year through her YouTube channel. She uploaded her first video on her YouTube channel in 2008.

  • Zoella Elizabeth Sugg

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg also known her by her professional name Zoella is a 30-years old English vlogger, writer and a businesswoman. Her YouTube channel named Zoella has over 11.2 million subscribers. Zoella earns $44,000 annually. Zoella started doing YouTube in 2009.

  • Sara Marie Lawler

Sara Marie Lawler is a Norwegian makeup artist and YouTuber. 33-years old YouTube star has a channel named SaraBeautyCorner which has over 10.6 million followers. Her annual earnings from YouTube channel is around $1.4 million. Sara uploaded her first video on her channel in 2012.

  • Tati Westbrook

Tatiana Aleksandra Westbrook is an American makeup artist, businesswoman and YouTuber better known by her professional name Tati. Tati has a YouTube channel under her name which has a subscriber count of over 9 million. She earns about $1.3 million a year from YouTube. She started her channel in 2010.

  • Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is an American entrepreneur, voice actress and makeup artist. She has a YouTube channel under her name which has over 8.9 million subscribers. She has her own makeup line known as EM Cosmetics. Phan’s annual earning via YouTube reaches $50,000 annually. She uploaded her first video in 2006 on her YouTube channel.

  • Carli Bybel
Carli Bybel is seen attending Michael Costello during New York Fashion Week on September 8, 2016 in New York City.

Carli Sue Bybel also known as Carli Bybel is an American beauty guru, makeup artist and YouTuber from New Jersey. She makes an estimated amount of $165,000 a year from a YouTube channel which operates under her name. First video was uploaded on her YouTube channel by her in 2011. She currently has about 6.17 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

  • Bianca Heinicke

Bianca ClaBen or Bianca Heinicke better known for her Youtube channel called BibisBeautyPalace is a beauty and fashion YouTuber from Germany. She has over 5.9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Bianca started her YouTube channel in 2013.

  • Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Roxanne Hill also known as Jaclyn Hill is an American entrepreneur, makeup artist and YouTuber. Jaclyn runs a YouTube channel under her name which she started back in 2011. She has over 5.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel through which she makes earnings of about $7 million annually.

  • Kathleen Fuentes

Kathleen Fuentes who uses name KathleenLights on her social media is an influencer, makeup artist and YouTuber from Florida, United States. She started her YouTube channel with the name KathleenLights in 2013 and now she has over 4.18 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She makes earnings of around $233,000 a year from her channel.

Above mentioned internet celebrities from YouTube are taking the social media by storm and their earnings as well as subscribers keep adding up with every day. If you are someone who is interested in beauty and fashion, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to all of these YouTube channels. Happy YouTube-ing! 🙂

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