Iran is a country famous for its architecture and its hospitable people. It has so many beautiful places to visit. Each of these cities has its own archeological and architectural specialties. Iran is famous for its busy markets oozing with life. All these local markets have vendors selling a specialty good. The tourists who visit Iran buy these specialty goods as souvenir for their loved ones back home. Let us look at some of the best places to visit in Iran.


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The city of Esfahan is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in all of Iran. This city is full of the riches of kings, Sultans and Muslim Caliphs. In its heart Naqsh-e-Jahan a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located. This place has Safavid palaces and huge mosques with ceramic fronts. Markets of Esfahan are filled with traditional spice souks and tassel-fringed carpets.


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Tehran is the capital city of Iran. This bustling metropolis is the hub of country’s politics and its economy. It has huge monuments like The Azadi Tower. Mummified princes inside the National Museum of Iran and astounding wonders of the Treasury of the National Jewels are places to behold. The city also has stylish coffee shops and tea houses. These shops are usually visited by the tourists.


beautiful places

3,000 meters into the snowy peaks of the Alborz Mountains, hill station of Dizin is located. This place is famous as a winter sports destination. Tourists visit every year in large number. Cableways and chairlifts were installed in 1960s at the hill station for these tourists. People also enjoy skiing here at this hill station during the winter season.


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Persepolis was once home to great kings like Cyrus, Xerxes and Darius from 5th century B.C to 3rd century B.C. This place was a mighty Persian empire. It was feared by all the other empires. Now only pieces and traces of this mighty empire are left among the hills of Rahmet Mountains. Tourists interested in geology and archeology visit this place frequently.


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You have to visit Kish if you are a beach person. About 19 kilometers from the South of Iran’s coast you will reach the waters of Persian Gulf. More than one million people come to visit Kish Island every year. This Island has huge casinos between the resorts with palm-dotted gardens. Kish is very famous for its markets, beaches, scuba diving, white sand and coral reefs.


beautiful places

Ramsar is located between the waters of Caspian Sea and Alborz Mountains. This place has huge hotels with neo-classical hotel fronts. Its palm-peppered beautiful beaches and busy markets are attract a lot of tourists. Beautiful sunsets with views of Caucasian chains of Azerbaijan to the north make it even more beautiful. This place has been on top of the list of the Iranian luminaries.


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Kashan is located in the deserts of the northern Iran. It is an oasis town with blooming date palms and astonishingly beautiful colorful gardens. This oasis has an amazing irrigation system for the gardens and the date palms. Except for the Tabatabaie Residence, the Ameri House and the domes of Aqabozorg (remnants of the Qajari Royals from 18th and 19th century) all the buildings are rather brown-ish.

Iran is a beautiful country carrying a lot of historical and cultural shades within. Visit these suggested places if you are planning to travel to Iran. And! Don’t forget to try the local food wherever you go! Happy traveling!

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