Love for any sort of coffee is a never ending love-story! What kind of coffee do you prefer? If you are craving for a good caramel macchiato but aren’t able to go out and get it because of your busy schedule? Well, it is okay because you can now make a perfect caramel macchiato at home just by following this super easy recipe! So without further ado let us begin!


Caramel Macchiato

14 oz whole milk

2 oz espresso

2 tablespoon vanilla syrup

Caramel sauce


Prepare the espresso with the help of your espresso machine.

If you want to use a regular coffee, use a very strong regular coffee and you will also have to double the amount i.e. instead of 2 oz make it 4 oz.

Warm up the milk.

By using a milk frother, froth the milk.

If you do not have a milk frother, simply whisk the warmed milk until f

oam is formed.

Pour the ready espresso in to a measuring cup.

Add vanilla and whisked milk into a cup.

Now pour the espresso into the cup.

Now drizzle some caramel sauce in the cup making a pattern.

caramel macchiato

Your caramel macchiato is ready! Enjoy! 🙂




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