“An apple a day, keeps the doctors away” is a quote you must have heard. This is a very famous health quote and it is for a reason. Apples have to be the most beneficial fruit in the world because of all the nutrition it carries.

Doctors recommend that if a person takes a 2000 calorie diet per day. They need to eat 2 cups of fruit with that diet to stay away from a number of diseases. While, a medium apple contains nutritional value of 1.5 cups full of fruits. Apples have 14% Vitamin C, 6% Potassium, 5% Vitamin K, 95 calories, 4 grams of fiber and 25 grams of carbs.


Let us take a look at all the health benefits you can achieve by making an apple a day, a part of your diet;

Apples fight against high blood pressure and cholesterol

Apples are made of soluble fibers. These soluble fibers when dissolved in water form a gel like substance. Consumption of an apple a day has linked to low risks of heart diseases in some studies. The reason which the researchers found was the presence of the gel like substance in the linings of blood vessels of people. These people ate an apple a day. Hence, they were safe from the high blood pressure and cholesterol which eventually results into different cardiovascular diseases.

Apples help prevent cancer

There is no defined cure for cancer as of now. But a lot of researches say that apples can be a good source to eliminate the cancerous cells from the body before they can actually convert into cancer. The reason is the antioxidants present in apples. These antioxidants can limit the growth of cancerous cells.


Apples are good for bone health

Including fruits in your daily diet is linked directly to having good bone health. It is proved through so many studies that eating fruits and vegetables which are full of anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants can promote density and strength of bones. In a study there were two groups of women. One group had apples as their meal for a number of days. The other group was the control group. It was later concluded that the women who ate apples lost little amount of calcium from their bones as compared to the group who did not eat apples.

Apples are good for weight loss

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you should incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Other than maintaining a healthy weight a good diet filled with fruits and vegetables can help you shed some pounds. And because apples are full of the dietary fibers, they have always been on top of the list of foods which can help lose weight. Fibers make the blood sugar to rise, resulting in making you full for quite some time. This is how you would not feel the urge to eat again for some time.


Apples are great for your skin

Apples have 15% vitamin C in them. We all know how important vitamin C is for healthy skin. In order to achieve good skin we apply vitamin C on out skin but we forget to eat it as well. Vitamin C strengthens the skin, promotes elasticity and healthy texture of skin. It also fights skin conditions like acne, aging and hyperpigmentation.

Apples help in digestion

Doctors always recommend fiber rich foods to the patients of constipation. The diet which is prescribed to these patients always includes apples along with other green vegetables and fruits. According to the Harvard Health Publishing, both types of fibers are equally important for the process of digestion. Fiber rich food has two types of fibers. One is soluble and the other one are insoluble fibers. Luckily, apples have both of these fibers making it very effective for a good digestion.

Eating an apple a day is a one way ticket to the healthy life in a nutshell because it has so many amazing health benefits. On that note, try and fit in an apple in your daily dietary routine and you will soon start to notice small positive changes. Happy eating! 🙂








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