We have been suffering at the hands of this pandemic for more than a year now. Suffering together lessens the struggle somehow but suffering alone is the hardest of it all. This pandemic has done the same with us. It has basically followed the principal of divide and rule and has left us all alone away from any type of human interaction.

Covid-19 has pushed humanity at a borderline in every aspect, be it the economy of the world or the health of its inhabitants. Mental health is as important as physical health. Most of us are going through mental issues and we felt better when we had good company with us.

However, now due to the pandemic there is no human interaction which has made us feel that we are in this alone. That is not true! All of us are in this together but if you ever feel alone you can follow these useful ways to fight your anxiety and depression.

1. Cook your favorite food

Cooking is one of the activities which give you so much happiness. Because you work so hard from buying the ingredients to actually serving it in a plate that the outcome is very much awaited. And if the result is even close to what you expected, you feel so proud of yourself.

Cooking can bring so much joy to a person. All of us have a favorite food which we can never say no to. Some of us love to cook but some of us don’t like it as much. Trust me! Even if you do not like to cook, you will love it once you do it for yourself. It’s a process of self-appreciation in itself.

2. Watch a movie

We all have a favorite movie or a favorite genre of movies which we love to watch. If you do not have anything else to do, prepare some popcorn and watch a movie! Watch your favorite actor and fangirl over them!

Watching a TV series can also be very entertaining. If you do not like TV series you can always movies with some sequels, this way it will keep the curiosity going! If you are a POTTER HEAD like me, what are you waiting for? GO AND WATCH IT AGAIN!

3. Keep a Pet

Keeping a pet can be so hectic but so wholesome in its own way. It is like raising a child! Taking care of their meals and their cleanliness gives you a feeling of happiness but the best part is THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE!

They will always be very clingy while whatever you are doing and will ask you for attention. They can’t say much but will also listen to all your worries. They are the best therapy one needs!

4. Do some online shopping

Now that we do not have any open physical markets we can shop online and get what we need delivered at our doorstep. However! It is not necessary that you have to buy something every time you pick up your phone or laptop and look up that specific online store!

You can just scroll down to see what is trendy nowadays. If you do this you will notice how quickly time passes by! But when you actually order something and receive the package please sanitize it well before you use it!

5. Read a book

Books can be your best friend in these times of distress. Reading a book can be so engaging because it lets your imagination work at its best. It lets you forget about your surrounding and takes you to another world of fantasy.

There are lots and lots of genres of books which you can read. Books also comes in sequels so if you found a book which you love and has some sequels as well, well consider yourself lucky because you can stay home, cozy in your bed and read a nice book which is a long way to go!

6. Listen to your favorite music

Put on some of your favorite lively music while you are doing dishes, doing your laundry, taking a shower, watering your plants, feeding your pet or organizing your room. Good music makes everything so much better and washes away all the negativity!

7. Organize your room

Organizing your room can mean a new start! (At least for a month till it is again a mess!) Order some new curtains online or wash the old ones and hang them. Organize your dressing table and your book rack. Maybe make some DIY hangings for your room to make it look even prettier. When the whole thing is done you will feel a certain feeling of satisfaction which will wash away the negatives thoughts.

8. Write a diary

A diary can be your companion and will listen to all your worries. When you do not have an ear to listen to you, just write it down! Writing can help ease the mind. Psychiatrists say if you do not have anyone to listen to you, you should write a diary every day. Just write down whatever you are going through.

9. Call someone who listens

This is the most important bit. Asking for help when you need it is always necessary. When you do not feel good for some days in a row, do not wait for too long, call a friend or a family member who listens and share your worries with them.

There are always people around you who care. All you have to do is ask for help. Tell them your exact feelings and thoughts which have been in your head lately. And if there is no one to listen to you, still you are not alone because there are helplines you can call at and discuss your condition.

10. Take an online therapy session

Since you cannot physically go and take therapy, join an online therapy session. There are a lot of therapy sessions online which are conducted as solo sessions as well as group therapy sessions. Talk to your psychiatrist about your life events and what worries you. Letting out your worries can help you big time.

When you are depressed it is very easy to ignore all the small facts that can help to take things off your mind or make you feel better. Keep reminding yourself that you are loved and important. Keep telling yourself how valuable and capable you are of doing good things. Workout daily, it helps. Eat healthy food and sleep well. But most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE A FIGHTER AND YOU GOT THIS! 🙂

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