The Covid-19 pandemic which the world is going through right now is something which has sucked the life out of this planet. How long has it been since you have seen markets oozing with people, people travelling around the world as they pleased or even something as simple a traditional wedding with a huge gathering of family or friends? Of course it has been more than a year.

It is totally relatable that how at this point the world is tired of wearing masks and washing and sanitizing their hands again and again. What the world misses the most is the carefree and low maintenance human life which is nowhere to be seen recently due to the pandemic. All of you must be missing so many things about the normal life we all spent before the pandemic and we all have a post-pandemic bucket list which we want to follow once the pandemic is over. If you haven’t made your post-pandemic bucket list yet, here are a few things you can add in yours;

  • Attend an old school wedding

Weddings are one of the occasions when you meet your friends and family in a huge gathering. This pandemic has also affected weddings in a major way like every other thing. Traditional wedding used to be such beautiful gatherings with relatives staying over and huge dinner parties but since the covid-19 hit us, weddings have become very minimal in matters of people attending and the ones who are invited have to follow the SOPs yet the risk of getting infected is still there.

  • Grab a coffee with a friend

Do you miss going out late with your partner or a friend to grab a coffee and have those deep and sincere conversations over a cup of coffee? I bet you do. This one is one of the ethereal little details of the normal life that we all miss so dearly. So when this pandemic is over, call a friend, go pick them up and go get a cup of coffee.

  • Embrace a loved one

As humans are known as social animals, we survive to interact between our species and we interact to survive. This past year has been the most difficult because we have been so touch-deprived as much as someone sad or going through a hard time has missed being embraced in an affectionate hug for almost a year. So once this pandemic is over give hugs and kisses to all the people you love and adore,  wipe off those tears from someone’s face and hold hands with your old parents to show them how valuable they are.

  • Attend a concert

Concerts were the symbol of hundreds and thousands of people enjoying a same event and it was all happiness and pure bliss to see every other person enjoying the music while dancing, laughing and screaming their hearts out. As the pandemic hit us, the concerts became virtual too and so many artists held their concerts online for their fans but it never gave the same feeling. So when the pandemic is over, go with your friends and attend a concert.

  • Go for some shopping

It has been more than a year that people saw a busy market or a shopping mall filled with people like it used to before the pandemic. The markets shifted to the online medium and people started shopping online to avoid human interaction and follow their social distancing. But getting ready and going for shopping had its own charm so when the markets open again and the pandemic meets an end, go do some shopping with your friends and family.

  • Travel

I am sure all of you miss booking a ticket online to your favorite vacation destination, then packing a bag and getting ready to leave for your traveling stories every year. When the flights were banned all over the world due to the pandemic we also lost this exciting sport. But! As soon as the pandemic is over, be ready to travel again with your friends or family. Pick up a pen and paper and jot down your dream destinations which you wanted to visit but could not because of the layoffs which happened last year.

I think this pandemic has separated one person from another but it has brought people together in a way that they are going through the same thing. They are all isolated, they are all touch-deprived and they are all suffering financially.  This makes us even stronger than we already are. So! Do not lose hope, we are almost there! Just have your post-pandemic bucket list ready for when it is over. Maintain the social distancing and stay safe. Happy quarantining! 🙂

Posted by:Aqeela Nawaz Malik

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