With the years passing by, branded fashion items have become a part of our daily lives. Some brands are local and target a small scale target audience while some brands are huge luxury brands which have their target audience all over the world.

These luxury fashion brands are way too expensive than the local ones but people love to buy them because of the products from these brands are really chic, up-to-date and durable. All of these luxury fashion brands have their stores all over the world and they contribute a big deal in the economy of their country. Let’s have a look at the top 10 luxury fashion brands in the world according to their brand value;

1. Louis Vuitton

The French fashion house Louis Vuitton stands at the very top with a brand value of more than $53,800 billion. Its products include leather goods like handbags, trunks, shoes and other items like jewelry, watches and other accessories. Louis Vuitton was founded by a French fashion designer and businessman named Louis Vuitton in the year 1854.

2. Chanel

The French high-fashion house Chanel comes in at number 2 with a brand value of more than $36,120 billion. Chanel was founded in the year 1910 by Coco Chanel in Paris, France. This fashion house offers colognes, handbags, watches, ready to wear clothes and makeup.

3. Hermes

Hermes is a French luxury fashion house which was established by Theirry Hermes in 1837 in Paris, France. Hermes stands at number 3 in the list with a brand value of above $34,500 million. The fashion brand includes products like fragrances, jewelry, ready to wear clothes, furniture, watches and other accessories etc.

4. Gucci

On number 4 we have Gucci. The brand value of Gucci is more than $28,000 million. Gucci is a luxury fashion house founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. The brand offers couture, shoes, home décor, fragrances, handbags, makeup, accessories etc.

5. Rolex

Rolex is a Switzerland based watch manufacturer which has always been on the top of the list of the brands of luxury watches. This luxury watch manufacturer has a brand value of $7,653 million hence it stands on 5th position in the list. Rolex was founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in the year 1905 in London, UK. Rolex offers a wide variety of professional and classic timepieces for every wrist.

6. Cartier

Cartier is a French Luxury fashion brand which comes in on number 6 in the list. Cartier has a brand image of $5,214 million. This French luxury brand was founded in Paris in the year 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier. Cartier offers a large range of high-fashion luxury watches and jewelry.

7. Dior

Christian Dior commonly known as Dior is a French luxury fashion house which was founded by French fashion designer Christian Dior in the year 1946 in Paris, France. This luxury brand with 6th position in the list has a brand value of $5,237 million. Dior offers a vast range of fashion accessories, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, watches and spirits.

8. Yves Saint Laurent

French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent also known as Saint Laurent was founded by high-end fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge in the year 1961 in Paris, France. Saint Laurent has a brand value of about $4,000 million hence it secures 8th position in the list. The products which this brand offers include leather handbags, shoes, accessories and ready to wear clothes etc.

9. Burberry

Based in London, UK Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand. Burberry has a brand value of about $3,900 million. Burberry designs and distributes handbags, trench coats, footwear, fragrances, cosmetics, eyewear and a vast range of ready to wear items. Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in the year 1856 in Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

10. Prada

In the year 1913, in Milan Italy, Mario Prada founded his brainchild fashion brand and called it Prada. This luxury Italian fashion brand has over 618 fashion boutiques around the world which makes it 10th best luxury fashion brand around the world with a brand value of around $3,525 million. The company manufactures and sells a huge range of high end luxury fashion products which include handbags, travel accessories, eyewear, perfumes, couture etc.

This was a list of top 10 luxury fashion brands around the world but with every year new luxury fashion brands keep entering this list so let’s see at the end of year 2021 which brands would be included in this list. Till then, Happy Shopping! 🙂

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