As clock struck 12 on the night of August 31st 2019, the whole world looked at it as a brand new chance at life and as a year full of hope and optimism. But as the days passed by, the whole world was devastated with the news that came after every now and then.

Humans went through so much pain and devastation due to certain events that occurred throughout the year. At the end of year 2020 let us remember all the souls we have lost throughout this year. 10 such events are mentioned below;

1. Indonesian floods

photo courtesy: New York Times

On January 1st, Indonesia’s capital Jakarta was hit by floods which killed 66 people and almost 400,000 people fled from their homes. Thousands of homes and buildings were submerged under the water. The transport system was paralyzed due to these overnight rains. The disaster management department of the country reported that most of people died due to drowning under water or due to landslides because of heavy rains.

2. Ukrainian plane crash in Iran

photo courtesy: CNN via Getty Images

On January 8th, Qassem Soleimani, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander and Iran’s spymaster was killed by a US drone strike. Which further resulted in Iran’s military “mistakenly” shooting down a Ukrainian jetliner which crashed and as a result 176 passengers aboard were killed. After a few hours, Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on two US military bases in Iraq as retaliation for killing of Soleimani.

Later, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted

“The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets this disastrous mistake.”

3. Turkey Earthquake

photo courtesy: CGTN News

41 people died and around 1600 were injured when eastern Turkey was hit by an earthquake on January 24th. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.7 and the central point of the quake was the town of Sivrice. The Interior Minister Sulyman Soylu said 10 buildings were collapsed during the earthquake in Elazig province.

4. Death of Kobe Bryant

photo courtesy: sky news

In the beginning of the year 2021, on January 26th, Kobe Bryant, one of the NBA’s legendary players died in a helicopter crash. Local media reported that Bryant was on his way to California to a sports academy where he was about to coach his daughter’s basketball team in a youth tournament.

The 13-year old daughter and seven other passengers died in the helicopter crash with the 41-years old basketball legend. The world mourned the loss but it did not know there was a lot to come throughout the year.

5. Delhi riots

photo credits: New York Times

The riots broke in Delhi on the night of February 23rd because of the fallout from the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. A BJP leader violently tried to remove a group of Muslims who were protesting against the Act. As a result 53 people died, most of whom were Muslims who were either shot to death, beaten by repeated blows or were set on fire by Hindu mobs in North East Delhi in the protest against the legislation.

6. Covid-19 Pandemic

The reason for significant human suffering and major global economic disruption in the year 2020 is an outbreak of Covid-19. The epidemic was recognized for the first time in Wuhan, a city of Hubei province of China in December 2019. Then this epidemic was recognized as a pandemic on March 11th by WHO.

By March 21st the pandemic was spread to 180 countries causing more than 15,000 deaths around the world. The world is still fighting the devastation that keeps spreading due to this pandemic. The economic impacts will be long lasting before the world overcomes it.

7. Pakistan airplane crash

photo credits: insurance journal

97 people were killed when Pakistan International Airline flight was crashed into a residential area on May 22nd. Airbus showed strange behavior while landing and crashed into a residential area just before landing on the runway. Investigations were later opened for the crash while the nation mourned the loss of their loved ones.

8. Killing of George Floyd

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On May 25th, US was swept by massive protests following the killing of 46-years old black man George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the police after he was allegedly arrested for using a fake bill. The police officer had him pressed down against the ground and had a leg placed over his neck.

Floyd kept saying “I can’t breathe” until he took his last breathe. The States has already been a deeply polarized country regarding the basic human rights for white and black people respectively. Peaceful protests were celebrated across the globe in favor of the movement named as Black Lives Matter (BLM) after the killing of George Floyd.

9. Australian wildfires

photo courtesy: BBC news

According to the Medical Journal of Australia, around 400 people were killed by the Australian bushfires and about 5,900 buildings were destroyed. The wildfires started back in 2019 but became uncontrolled on March 9th. An estimated 18.6 million hectares of land was destroyed because of this incident.

10. Beirut explosion

photo courtesy: BBC News

On 4th of August, 2020 a massive explosion shattered Beirut, Lebanon. On Beirut port about 2,750 tonnes of highly explosive ammonium nitrate was being stored. More than 157 people died in this explosion and over 6,000 people were injured. Hundreds and thousands of people were displaced in the explosion.

The damage which was caused due the shattering of the neighborhood because of the explosion costed around $5 billion to Lebanon. This resulted in public uproar and anti-government protests along the country which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

This was a summary of how we went through the year 2020 and how many lives we lost to different tragedies. Let us hope for a new beginning and a year which will be kind to human lives and will be full of good news and blessings. Let us remember the lives we lost as we step in all the years to come. Happy New Year!

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