Amidst this pandemic do you also miss traveling around the world? Last year has been crazy with all the layoffs the world has faced and we all know that every single one of us deserves a vacation for what we have survived and what we are still going through because it isn’t over yet.

BUT! It does not mean that you cannot plan a vacation with your family for when it is over. With that being said! What are your thoughts on TURKISH LANDSCAPES AND BEACHES? Turkey is literally the definition of serene beauty. It has beautiful green landscapes with clear blue skies, incredibly pristine beaches, busy markets, incomparable historical monuments and whatnot! All that enclosed in one package!

So today let us explore 10 BEST TURKISH VACATIONAL DESTINATIONS which you can add in your bucket list of things to do once the pandemic is over!

1. Cappadocia

The surreal rock valleys of Cappadocia are famous for its unique rock formations.

Earthquakes, erosion and volcano eruptions made these cone-like chimneys. The locals from Turkey call these formations ‘The Fairy Chimneys’. 

There are networks of homes and churches formed within these rocks. You can ride a hot air balloon to get to the top if you do not wish to hike all the way.

The Sunset of Cappadocia is very famous because when that orange sun hits these rocks it brings out this magic in the already scenic view.

2. Butterfly Valley

This pristine stretch of sandy beach fixed beautifully between two cliffs can either be accessed by Olu Deniz or Fethiye using a ferry. Turquoise waters of this beach are really something to behold. You will be thinking about why is it called a butterfly valley? Well it is called Butterfly Valley because this special is a home to thousands of butterflies which live in the trees on this beach. There is no population around this beach just to preserve the natural habitat for these butterflies and to keep the natural beauty of this place.

3. Bodrum

Bodrum is a holiday resort and a glistening port city with nothing but beautiful waters and hundreds of ferries across the castle of St. Peter which stands tall above the coastline. This fishing village is rich with Greek mythology hence it is an epicenter of cultural events throughout the year.

4. Koprulu Canyon

This canyon is a national park in Antalya. Koprulu Canyon was made into a national park in 1973. This canyon with beautiful turquoise water is around 400m deep while around the Kopru River it stretches around 14km. you can visit this canyon in summer for whitewater rafting and canoeing.

5. Hagia Sophia (AyaSofya)

Hagia Sophia in Greek language means Holy Wisdom. This building also goes by the name AyaSofya in Turkish language. This spellbinding architecture was built by the Roman Emperor Justinian l as a Christian cathedral of Constantinople for the State Church of Roman Empire. It dates back between 532 and 537 A.D this church was the world’s first building with the largest interior and fully covered with a dome.

It was declared a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed ll in 1453 who after the conquest prayed his first prayer in this cathedral. Later AyaSofya was secularized in 1934 by Turkish Republic’s president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Recently this masterpiece is declared a mosque again under the regime of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan who led the first prayer himself and named him Grand Mosque Hagia Sophia.

6. Topkapi Palace

This large museum known as Tokapi Palace is situated in the east of the Fatih, district of Istanbul. This amazingly architected building was an administrative headquarters and main residence to the Ottoman Sultans in 15th and 16th century. This building housing the Ottoman treasures was a home to the Sultans for more than 400 years. Now this huge building has been preserved as a museum and is open for public.

7. Temple of Hadrian

The front of this Roman era magnificent temple consists of four Corinthian columns which support a beautiful curved arch. In the middle this arch has a relief of Tyche, the Goddess of victory. While if you see inside the temple and above the door you will see a human figure; this is said to be medusa standing with some ornaments of acanthus leaves. This temple was built before 138 A.D by P. Quintilius. It was then dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian who came all the way from Athens to visit the city in 128 A.D.

8. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is translated as the ‘cotton castle’. Have you ever seen snow at 40C?  Well, at Pamukkale you can. This mineral spa is one is a hot spot in the backpacking trails of Turkey. Here you can see stunning white terraces of water which is calcium-rich in nature flow off the cliffs and make snow like landscapes.

9. Aspendos

Aspendos is a HUGE Roman theatre just in the south of Antalya. This theatre is the finest surviving example of ancient yet classical theatres in the present world and thus it is such a huge attraction for people traveling through Turkey from around the globe. This theatre from Marcus Aurelius’ rule is still in use for live performances or events.

10. Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is also known as the Blue Mosque is a mosque built by the Ottomans in Istanbul. This mosque was built by the architect Mehmet Agha on the request of Sultan Ahmed l. Sultan Ahmed sat on the throne at the age of 14 as the 14th sultan of Ottoman Empire. It is started that Ahmed the First was a highly religious person.  It was built between 1609 to1619 and it consists of Ahmed’s tomb, a hospice and a madrassah. 

Turkey is a country with both; a rich history from all the different eras it passed through the course of time in the form of temples, mosques, tombs, palaces and its incredible and untouched natural beauty in the form of its sandy beaches, clear blue skies and lush green landscapes. Once this pandemic is over and you finally plan to pack that bag and leave, keep Turkey in your checklist. HAPPY TRAVELING! 🙂

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