Receiving a gift from someone can be said as one of the best feelings in the world! However, this feeling of gratitude adds up if that gift is also meaningful. Meaningful gifts can always be special to the person you are giving them to and can be used for a long time.

Buying a gift for someone is a complete task in itself. Because if the gift you bought does not match the personality or need of the person you bought it for, it would not be much useful for them and might sit in their cupboard for the rest of its life!

Listed below are some meaningful gifts for people of different personalities because not every gift is for everyone!

1. A perfume

Every one of us has a family member or a friend who is crazy about fragrances. They always love wearing perfumes and collecting them. For these family members or friends you can buy a perfume keeping in mind what kind of fragrances they like to wear.

2. A pair of socks or a sweater

You must find this funny but trust me a pair of socks is what we all need. The reason is that we lose one every time we wear a pair! Moreover, sweaters are the coziest little miracles on earth! These two will keep your loved ones on this New Year in these winters.

3. A pet

This one is such a meaningful gift. Gifting a pet to someone means you are giving a whole life into that person’s hands. Make sure to give this gift to someone who can take care of it. A friend who recently lost their pet would love this gift!

4. A bouquet

Who does not like flowers? All of us do. Flowers are for everyone including the living and the dead! As much as you show love to the living, never forget the people who have left you in the past years, go see them with some flowers and show your gratitude!

5. A love letter or a handmade card

These gifts can specially be given to your spouses, your fiancés or your partners along with other gifts. Writing something which comes right within your heart, on a piece of paper will always be superior on all the other gifts!

6. Chocolates

A box of chocolates is everyone’s favorite! If you have children in your family, you can give them some nicely wrapped chocolates. A small box of chocolates can be gifted along with other gifts; they make a good package like flowers.

7. Makeup/Accessories

Don’t tell me you don’t have a younger sibling who is obsessed with makeup and accessories. Since both of these items are expensive you can always keep an eye on the New Year promotions that run on different brands and buy something so that it does not burden your budget.

8. Dry fruits

If you have your sweet grandparents alive, this is the gift for them. You can also gift this to your mother. Pack them nicely in a jar or a bottle and wrap them with a cute wrapping sheet, it will definitely be a perfect gift for your perfect mother and grandmother!

9. A family dinner

Okay so this one is for people who cannot decide on what to buy for their family or in most cases, are very busy to go the market to buy something because of their daily lifestyle and work routine. You guys can book a nice place for family dinner. Instead of a restaurant, it can be a rooftop where you can do a setup for barbecue. Everyone will love this surprise and this way you will get to spend some quality time with your family as well.

10. A ring

Guys this one is my favorite! If you have someone you love and want to put a ring on it, what is a better time than the occasion of New Year? Don’t worry they’ll say yes! Now go and buy a ring before it’s too late!

With all of that being said, pick up your pen and paper and take notes from the above mentioned list. Write down your budget and gifts which you want to buy for your family and friends and I’ll see you again later! Happy shopping! 🙂

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